Dog Breeds In India

dog breeds Dog Breeds In India
Dog Breeds In India 

Dog Breeds in India
By Nick Kater 

Some Indian dogs breeds are:

1) Rampur Hound
2) Rajapalyam
3) Caravan Hound
4) Mudhal Hound
5) Chippiparai

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Rampur Hound:
Rampur Hound is the breed who loves human companionship and is well adjusted to other dogs. It has clean habits. They may appear lazy but will charge if needed. 

The animal was very popular about 100 years back when the Pathan traders used to carry them to Rajputana, Central India and lower Bengal.

This breed was used as a popular hunter an appropriate day was chosen and intimated to all hunters.

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This breed looks like a miniature Great Dane. Rajapalyam have powerful, muscular and heavy build. It is a typically boar hound which was used for hunting wild boar and hare. 

The dog needs plenty of freedom and space. If you properly trained the dog, they make excellent guard dogs.

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Caravan Hound:
The Afghans, Mongols, Persians and the Arabs brought many hounds like the Afghan and the Saluki when they came to India. The Caravan Hound probably owed its ancestry to these dogs. They were called so because they used to travel along with the caravans from place to place. 

This breed was usually selectively by the villagers to withstand the weather, hunt or immune to many diseases and has plenty of stamina.

They are very alert and keen.

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Mudhol Hound:
Mudhol Hound is a hardy dog and a keen sight hound. But it has an independent temperament and the male has a tendency to attack at times. 

Mudhol Hound is obliquely placed. They give the dog an intelligent expression.

It is a dog that needs plenty of exercise and movement. It can’t be managed in confined areas. They are ideally used for racing and hunting, though they make good companion and guard dogs.

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The Chippiparai is a native hound to Southern India particularly the district of Thanjavur. 

This a one dog which does not like to be petted fed by anyone other than its master or handler.

It has an independent mind. Chippiparai has a compact streamlined body built for chasing game.

It needs very little grooming and enjoys the outdoors. Its food requirements are very minimal. It is very hardy and resistant to climate change.

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Dog Breeds In India


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